Saturday, 10 March 2012

First Order

So it got to Tuesday, the BIG day for my very first order (so to speak) fro my Mother-In-Law's birthday. As I said in my previous post, I was baking 12 Flake Bake and 12 Oreo cupcakes. I started early enough so that at least if anything went wrong I would have enough time to start again, so I started at about 2.30pm! Surprisingly everything was going smoothly, both sets of cakes had risen perfectly and so I was just waiting for them to cool enough so I could do the icing.

 I had made this icing a few times so thought there couldn't be too much that could go wrong. Well....from the offset it wasn't particularly going to plan. I had slightly over-whipped the cream so it was a bit more of a lumpier consistency. I managed to ice a couple of the cupcakes with it, but the piping bag was becoming really wet and slippery where it was seeping through. Then there was a lot of air bubbles which meant I couldn't pipe it consistently onto the cupcake. It ended up being a disaster!!

Thankfully I had bought just enough ingredients to completely start again. NO over-whipping this time!!

It had got to 6.30pm and after a kitchen filled with plumes of icing powder and spatters of icing everywhere I finally managed to ice all of the cupcakes and safely get them into their boxes.


  1. Love the mini oreos. When I tried to get some I could not find them anywhere! They look fab.

    Happy baking :)

    Bella x

    1. Thank you!! I managed to get some in Asda, didn't realise they were so hard to come by!

      Janine x

  2. Ah they look so great! I know what you mean, inevitably whenever you're under pressure and don't want stuff to go wrong it always does! good thinking that you left enough time just incase there was a disaster! I'm sure your Mother in law was very happy indeed!

  3. I love the look of your flake bake cupcakes. They look delicious!