Sunday, 4 March 2012

99 Flake Bake

Sorry I havn't posted in a couple of weeks, I've not had the best of weeks due to a stomach bug however I am feeling fighting fit again & have already been doing some more baking! Since I made my Oreo cupcakes my boyfriends Mum asked if I could make some for her birthday. She has also asked if I could do some sort of Flake cupcakes too (12 of each). I thought no problem! However, it has now loomed to two days before I have to bake them and nerves have got the better of me. She works in my old secondary school and is going to take them in for her birthday. Hence, I have had a baking session today just to do a bit of a practice!

For the 99 Flake Bake I am using the same recipe for the Oreo icing (just without the Oreos) and using a vanilla cupcake base.

In this photo I have used a chocolate base, just because I wanted to do some strawberry icing on the vanilla bases this week!

On the actual day I hope to have them looking a bit more uniform.

I then made some vanilla cupcakes and decided to make some vanilla and strawberry butter icing. The actual cupcakes came out slightly browner than usual which was a bit annoying!! Think I just needed to turn the oven down! :/

 I wanted to attempt piping roses with two tinted icing. I think the two tints worked well, however I think I should have used a large nozzle to get more definition for the rose. Plus the icing was slightly runnier than I would have usually liked it. I just added a bit of strawberry jam to flavour the pink part of the icing which worked nicely :)

Hopefully my next attempt will be better as I always think the rose piping looks amazing! If anyone has any tips out there to make it easier be my guest!!


  1. Love the 99s - and glad you're feeling better

  2. Hi, This is my first time visiting your blog. I see that you will quite to blogging and so I would like to say "Welcome to blogging and baking!" I think you did very well even you have just posted 4 posts of your bakes. I'm your latest follower to check out more of your delicious bakes!

    1. Thankyou! There will be plenty more to come :) x

  3. Sorry to hear that you have been unwell, but not good on the road to recovery. The 99 flake cakes look great.