Monday, 13 February 2012

My first ever blog

Hi everyone. As you can see from the title this is my first ever blog, I've never done anything like this before so bare with my first few posts! I've only recently got into baking and I can't believe that I hadn't found it before. I have become totally addicted to it. Besotted with it. In love with it. I feel like this is going to be a passion for life, lets just hope it doesn't affect my waistline too much!! As an avid "dieter" this is a bit of a funny hobby to have, but I just simply cannot resist baking and then eating cake!

I have done some simple baking to begin with. I attempted a lemon drizzle cake and some shortbread which turned out very well considering they were my first attempts. I will be doing the odd bit of baking of biscuits and larger cakes maybe even bread but at the moment my concentration is on cupcakes. There's so many designs and flavour combinations, it's almost endless! To begin with I will follow some easier recipes and hopefully progress from there. I would just like to share my passion and hopefully learn a great deal from everyone else out there who is blogging too!

Will show you my first batch very shortly :]


  1. Hi!

    Thanks so much for the follow!

    Everything you have said here reminds me so much of myself! I'm 24 now and didn't start baking until I was 18, like you I fell in love and I have never looked back.

    I can't wait to see more of your work!

    x x x

    1. Thank you so much! If I could be half as good as you in a few years time I would be a very happy girl! :)